Birthday Party Favors - Fri, Dec 13th, 2013

Birthday Party Favors

There are many reasons throughout the year for throwing parties. Holidays rank among the top of the list, but for me birthday parties are my favorite. It's the perfect time of year to celebrate the moment those closest to us began their journey through life. 

In our house, my parents always went out of their way to ensure that our birthdays were unforgettable. One of my first memories is of my fifth birthday. My family and friends joined us at McDonald's for my Star Wars themed party. The Star Wars blanket stayed with me almost 25 years, the action figures...well, my dad can provide the answer as to their location LOL!

Each milestone birthday was celebrated to its fullest. My sixteenth birthday was complete with an Elvis themed Blue Hawaii pool party. My thirtieth was an opportunity for all of our extended family to celebrate together during a camping trip for our family reunion. Some of my favorite birthday memories were at the end of each school year, when my mom would take the opportunity to bake cupcakes and treats for all of my classmates. Remember those days and how exciting it was for everyone involved? 

As I have grown, I find that the gifts that mean the most however, are those hand-crafted mementos that make the party a truly personal occasion. I enjoy the opportunity it provides to find and create the perfect gift for the occasion. Watching the surprise and gratitude of the recipient as they open a present hand-crafted just for them is a feeling that can't be replaced. 

Making birthday's memorable doesn't have to be a challenging, time consuming event. Carol Snyder, shows us today, just how simple and easy it can be to create unique party favors and decorations that are sure to leave the birthday recipient knowing just how much they mean to you.

Little B Products:

  • Birthday Cupcakes medium dimensional sticker embellishments
  • 10mm Colorful Stars decorative tape
  • 25mm Red with White Polka Dots decorative tape
  • 8mm Basic Orange decorative tape
  • 8mm Bright Blue decorative tape

Additional Supplies:

  • Cellophane Bags
  • Round Straw Holder
  • Cardstock - white, blue, pink
  • White Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Circle Punch
  • Scallop Circle Punch
  • Tape Runner
  • Straws
  • Candy


Decorated Straw Holder

  1. Trim a strip of pink card and adhere the ends together creating a ring to fit in the inside bottom of the straw holder. 
  2. Using the Colorful Stars decorative tape, wrap four strips around the straw holder as shown. Trim with scissors
  3. Embellish with Birthday Cupcake sticker and fill with colorful straws

Decorated Treat Bags

  1. Lay the cellophane bags flat. 
  2. Using the decorative tape dispensers, run lengths of Colorful Stars, Basic Orange and Bright Blue decorative tapes vertically and horizontally as shown.
  3. Trim edges of decorative tape with scissors. 
  4. Fill with candy
  5. Close bags with white ribbon embellished with Bright Orange decorative tape.

(Tip:To create alternative closures, decorate two strips of white cardstock with decorative tape as shown and cut notches on the end. Adhere to the underside of a matted circle and scallop circle and embellish with cupcake sticker. Adhere the red and white polka dot decorative tape to white ribbon and tie around the top of the cellophane bag. Adhere the matted circle embellishment.)

What makes these projects so much fun is that the techniques can be used for every celebration. Just check out our decorative tapes to find the ones perfectly suited for your next party!

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As always though, remember the most important thing in crafting...

Make it meaningful!


You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.

- Bob Hope

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