Bridal Shower Banner - Mon, Dec 16th, 2013

Wedding Banner

Weddings are one of the most emotional events that a couple will experience in their relationship together. Not only it is an event that celebrates their commitment and devotion to each other, but it is a time where they do so in front of a gathering of their closest friends and family. A time where they dedicate themselves to each other in front of witnesses to love, honor and cherish for all time.

It's no wonder then that there is so often a flurry of commotion and nerves as the Big Day approaches. What started out on one knee, can quickly turn into a year long affair of fittings and catering meetings. Floral arrangements and venue preparation. There's the guest list and the seating charts, the invitations and the bridal shower. So much, so fast, that sometimes it is nice to stop and enjoy the process.

When my brother and sister-in-law were planning their wedding. They knew that they wanted a small, private engagement, with just a few close friends and family present. My father would perform the ceremony for them outdoors in a beautiful setting complete with flowers and trees surrounding us. It was a tropical themed occasion, and everyone wore Hawaiian shirts and leis. Knowing how stressful the nuptials can be. I took on the task of making the wedding invitations, doing the photograpy, and creating the wedding album.

It is little touches such as doing the handmade invitations, that take a little pressure off the bride and help to personalize the occasion for everyone involved. Carol Snyder has created a simple banner that is perfect for the bridal shower, reception or even as decor for the ceremony. Using pre-printed tags, and adding the delicately hand-crafted dimensional sticker embellishments, she transformed a flat tag into a gorgeous show piece.

Here's what you will need to create your own:


LIttle B LLC Products:

  • Wedding large dimensional sticker embellishment
  • Two of a Kind medium dimensional sticker embellishment
  • Wedding Bride and Groom medium dimensional sticker embellishment

Additional Supplies:

  • Pre-printed tags
  • Twine
  • Ribbon - green, tan
  • Scissors


  1. Tie ribbon onto each tag and thread twine through the top. 
  2. Embellish each tag as shown. 

It's really that easy. One of the things I love most about crafting, is that it doesn't have to be challenging, time-consuming or full of complicated techniques. It's all about the personalization; taking something that is ready-made, and adding your own inspiration to make it your own. I assure you, the happy couple will be more than grateful, and will love every aspect of your creation. 

Make it meaninful!


"She could hear the voices and laughter coming from the yard, and she thought, really, this was the best part of any wedding, not the ceremony or the cake or the dancing but the downtime when they were all together without the lights shining on them."

― Elin Hilderbrand, Beautiful Day

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