DIY Christmas Gift Wrap - Sun, Dec 22nd, 2013

Christmas Gift Wrap

I love Christmas! I really do. I love the carols and the Christmas lights, the snow and the laughter. Making cookies for Santa with the kids and hearing their squeals on Christmas morning as the rush to see what he brought them. I love giving gifts. Picking out the perfect gift for each person. I've even been known to go overboard sometimes, based on the one Christmas my young nephew after hours of opening presents decried, 'No more presents, I'm tired!" 

With that said, I will admit that for many years, as much as I loved giving gifts, my nemesis was wrapping them. I would always put it off until the very last minute; hoping that somehow Santa would send his elves to do it for me while I slept. One year I waited so long, I had to wrap them in blankets on Christmas morning. 

Why after spending so much time and effort on finding the perfect gift did the wrapping elude me? I could never get the corners right. I would use too much tape, or not enough. Truth be told though it just seemed to be the least personal aspect of the giving. I wanted my recipients to just open their eyes and voila! find their surprise in front of them. 

However, recently I have been spending more time focusing on the packaging as much as the present. What I love about the project Carol Snyder made for us today, is that not only is it fun and easy, but it provides a personalized touch to an otherwise ordinary burlap gift bag. If you are like me, that is where your interest is peaked; giving a personal gift in a customized bag is the perfect way to say Merry Christmas!

Here's what you'll need to decorate your own:

Little B LLC Products:

  • Santa Hats mini dimensional stickers
  • 3mm Red with Mini White Polka Dots decorative tape
  • 3mm Thin Silver Stripes decorative tape
  • 15mm Merry Christmas decorative tape

Additional Supplies:

  • Burlap gift bag
  • Clothespin
  • Cardstock - cream and red
  • Black marker


  1. Embellish burlap bag with decorative tape
  2. Cut a cream card stock rectangle.
  3. Create three double mats with red and cream cardstock and use decorative tape to spell out "Ho Ho Ho"
  4. Make two additional square double mats and embellish with Santa Hats and stitch marks
  5. Attach all mats as shown onto a cream cardstock tag
  6. Embellish tag and clothespin with decorative tape
  7. Add gift and attach tag to bag

So as you pull the gifts out of the closet and wrap them carefully, take a moment to consider how perfectly decorative tape and embellishments can craft a pesonalized package for each gift under the tree. 

Make it meaningful!


"Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas."

- Peg Bracken

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