My Music Notes Journal - Thu, Dec 12th, 2013

Music Notebook

Music is a universal language that speaks to each of us. It can make us laugh. It can make us cry. We move to the sounds of the melody as it flows through the air. Growing up I was constantly surrounded by music. My grandparents played violin and bass, piano and guitar, as well as singing in a Gospel quartet. On long road trips my brother and I would listen to the "oldies" with our parents. Their example taught me the value harmony brings to life and the impact it can have on our daily lives. 

At five I began learning to play the piano, and as a teenager I joined the orchestra and marching band playing the trombone. I remember long evenings during my freshman and sophomore years in marching band. Our drill routines were visible expressions set to music. Each formation required not only perfect timing but physical execution as each musician marched in alignment to the cadence of the musical score. We would spend weeks during the summer preparing for our competitions and field shows, memorizing movements and field positions. Each member of our marching band carried two things with them during practice: field markers to pinpoint our personal marks on the field, and a notebook that contained our study checklist of learning steps for each musical number.

The project featured in today's blog, made by Carol Snyder, is an ideal opportunity to give the musician in your life a hand-crafted notebook, perfectly divided with decorative tabs that can be used to record the steps associated with their routines. Don't have a musician in your life?  I have also found certain songs and lyrics provide me an opportunity to reminisce a milestone or favorite memory in my life. A decorated journal is a perfect companion to journal a personal checklist of favorite music. All you need are a few supplies and you will be marching along to the beat of your own creativity.

Little B Products:

  • Music Notes Decorative Tabs
  • Piano Keys Decorative Tape

Additional Supplies:

  • Blank White Notebook
  • Scissors
  • Black Marker


  1. Run a line of decorative piano keys tape down the binding side of the notebook (Tip: Gently squeeze the sides of the dispenser to hold the roll in place as you use the cutting attachment on the packaging to release the length of tape needed)
  2. Use scissors to trim the edges of the tape even with the notebook
  3. Attach Music Notes decorative tabs to the front cover and use the black marker to add your title
  4. Place decorative tabs throughout the notebook to serve as dividers

Now that you have made your first decorated journal, take the opportunity to explore our collection of decorative tapes and tabs that are perfect for any occasion. Use the buttons on this page to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and pin this project to your Pinterest board to share with your crafty friends.

No matter what theme you choose for your own decorative notebook, there's only one thing to remember...

Make it meaningful!


"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent"

-Victor Hugo

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