Pull Flowers Roundup - Fri, Mar 6th, 2015

One of the most exciting things about producing a fun product is to see how it is used by a creative person. That's why we are so excited to welcome you to our first ever creative roundup on Pull Flowers!

All of the treatments shown here are from designers that participated in the Fave Crafts 2015 Blogger Networking Event at the CHA Show in January. Little B was a sponsor of the event and gifted all attendees with a pack of Pull Flowers.  We thought this product was just right for a broad audience of interpretation. They are so easy to make -- just cut off a length, pull up the strings and tie off... instant flower!

We so enjoyed seeing what everyone made -- and we know you will too. Stop by each of these blogs for more details, pictures, ideas and inspiration. And then, don't forget to visit Fave Crafts contest page and make your ONE vote before March 10, 2015.

Pull Flowers from Little B... look what you can do with them!

Full Bouquet


Cindy deRosier - Make a bouquet that also doubles as a gift card holder! Cindy received so many compliments on the first one that she made, she just went ahead and made up another!

Small Bunch

Julie McGuffee - This simple bouquet features a pompom flower center -- how clever!

A Few on a Stem

Carolina Moore - If fast and fun is what you like to make then this is a perfect project -- children will just love playing with these Fairy Wands.

Home Decor 

Jenn Goode - This ingenious pendant light features suspended Pull Flowers for extra drama and style.

Jar Toppers

Ann Koeman - Dress up a Mason jar with a Pull Flower topping -- so simple yet so effective

Paper Embellishments

Sue Eldred - We like this baby girl tag that uses a Pull Flower flat with embellishments filling the center!

Purse Accent

Cheryl Boglioli - This flask bag is adorned beautifully with a single Pull Flower -- very elegant.

Personalized Bag Brooch

Robyn Josephs - This gorgeous crochet bag features a layered and dyed Pull Flower with lace center. 

Fancy Material

Lyneen Jesse - Not only a flower but a dress too! The scallop edge design makes a fantastic fabric. 

Thanks for coming along on our Roundup!


Remember to visit Fave Crafts and cast your vote!

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