Creating lush and colorful Paper Flowers has never been easier!

This program features 3 different ways to make them:

Petal Strip Kits (12)

All components are included in each kit to make a total of 6 flowers with stems and leaves (2 each of 3 styles)

Petal Pack Kits (12)

All components are included in each kit to make a total of 4 flowers around a center core, with flowers ranging in size from 10" Jumbo to 4" Small

Specialty Paper Pads (2) and Floral Designer Cutting Dies (8)

If you desire a personalized flower in the size and color of your liking, then choose Paper Pads and Floral Cutting Dies to make your own Paper Flower creations. This allows for flexibility and color selection and size options. YOU become the designer!

Each of the two Specialty Paper Pads feature 80 sheets of paper (10 sheets each of 8 colors). This paper is specially treated to have one smooth and one rough side for allowing surface colorants and texturizing. The color palette matches the Petal Strip and Petal Pack kits. Use any of the Specialty Papers with additional paper flower accessories from Little B: floral stems for making custom Petal Strip flowers, cores for making custom Petal Pack flowers, floral tape for finishing off Petal Strip stems and adhesive dots for adhering Petal Pack flowers in place. 

Designer Cutting Dies feature metal etched dies in a variety of floral shapes and sizes. Choose from 2 styles for making petal strips in 2 shapes each, 4 styles that give a range of petals or choose Flower Buds or Assorted Leaves. The variety of different and personalized flower possibilities are endless!

Keep checking back here to learn and see more about the Paper Flowers program.

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